Samsung galaxy s9 winning attributes – Google integration

Samsung has launched three variants in its galaxy touch screen phone series – the galaxy s, galaxy 3 and galaxy 5. While galaxy s is the leader with an amole display and other high end features, it overlooks the cost front costing an exorbitant 28ooo/- but watch out, the more reasonably priced versions are actually excellent choices to opt for. We have got a peek at the Samsung galaxy 3 in a series of articles which investigate its winning capabilities. Today we look to the most prominent and the standout feature of Samsung galaxy 3 – its Google integration. The rear cover of the galaxy 3 very prominently mentions that the phone includes Google support embedded inside it. On the first look it may seem not as useful a thing and wonder why Samsung is highlighting this on its mobile’s body! But as it is possible to use the telephone, you would simply adore this very aspect of this telephone, especially if you are a net addict and cannot think of being away from the email or internet presence for long.

Samsung S9

To start with, the most obvious and significant offspring of the Google clan is Gmail. Samsung galaxy 3 integrates Gmail in such a smooth and smooth way that it comes out as part of your phone as are sums or another feature. What is more, it provides for push support for Gmail which works like a charm! I have used other push mail services on other phones before, and believe you me. The experience of Gmail on theĀ Samsung S9 is unmatched! The delivery of messages is immediate, so that it any new mail appears instantly on both your phone and your pc with no lag whatsoever. The Gmail client is a lot more refined than the ones you get for simian – its super fast, nicely laid out and full of excellent features like support for labels, etc.

Following the mail, the second Google product is your contacts. The phone offers amazing support for your Gmail contacts to be synced on your phone and may be utilized as your mobile contacts also. You can also link your Gmail, phone and sum contacts and those from social networking sites like twitter or facebook. Google calendar and Picasa web albums are another two Google products which the Samsung galaxy 3 provides support for. Just as in the event of Gmail or contacts, these programs also work in the background to keep themselves in sync with your internet account so much so you would not even realize it. It is quite obvious that not all of us need or use all these features and the synchronization after all consumes your battery and data fees. No issues as it are possible to choose and decide which of those apps you need synchronized and which not. Personally, I like to keep my Gmail in sync at all times but not so much others.